Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dating in Los Angeles

Ok, let's just say this upfront: Dating in LA sucks. Beyond sucks actually. If it just sucked it'd be normal levels. However this level of suck is akin to being stuck in a car with a group of strangers who are screaming while farting for 15 hours straight. And then at the end of the car trip you get punched in the faced and shiv'd. Yeah. Just about that level.

Sunday I had a date for drinks. Dude showed up in a dirty tee shirt and approximately 6 inches shorter than stated. If in fact you say you are 6 feet tall, be at least over 5'7. I towered over him which clearly made him angry. Date lasted for 1 drink and 1 drink only before we both ran outta there like our hair was on fire. Me more quickly as my legs are as long as his entire body.

Last week I had a great date. Great! He was cute and fun and we talked for hours. At the end of said date he asked me out again. I, being of moderately sound mind, said yes. We compared schedules and agreed to Wednesday with him saying that he'd also like to see me that weekend if possible. He made sure I put our date in my calendar and then we parted ways. We texted a bit the next day and then he had a friend in town so I knew he'd be busy. Yesterday I sent him a text saying hi and asking if we were still on. No word. Ah life... fun.

I was a bit bummed but whatever, right? So he wasn't as interested any more, c'est la vie. I then went home to get an email from a dude asking why I'd never returned his call. The reason was: I hadn't gotten the call. Apparently my phone is evil (wich I knew) and had been not notifying me of missed calls or voicemail. I immediately called the dude to apologize at which point he A) yelled at me and then B) told me that he prefers girls hot and stupid and while I had the hot part down was too smart to date. And then he hung up on me.

Internet, this is why I own cats.

Even though I've only been back out there for about a month or so I think I'm taking another break from the internet. Instead I'm going to go back to meeting boys the old fashioned way: drunk, in bars.