Monday, August 14, 2006


Does anyone know of a good password protected blogging site? If I were to continue blogging I think that's the only way I would ever consider it again.

Thoughts or suggestions anyone?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if offers this functionality, but there are a few plugins for wordpress itself that allow you to do posts by user-level... so every registered user gets a level from 0-10 and posts are either public or private (with a level from 0-10).

That's how my personal blog works and it keeps Mom out of the stuff Mom's shouldn't read.

Wordpress also offers a "password" functionality where every post can be password protected, but that seems like it'd be a major pain.

Anonymous said...

why dont you just take the ability for Anonymous comments away? that way only people with a blogspot page can comment? or do u just not want everyone to be able to read it? (i have one BTW, im just too lazy to sign in)

Mel said...

i have a private blog meaning that you can't just randomly find it by searching in google or by hitting "read next blog" in blogger. BUT, anyone could copy/paste and send out your URL to others since there is no password required to read it.

that's all i could find tho. if you do find a pwd protected one, i'd like to know.

hope things are getting better for you out in chicago. we sure miss your posts.

Betty said...

Of course there is. I actually have the password to a friends blog. It's great, you can only read it if you are a registered user. I think the site is or something like that. Check it out.

M said...

Livejournal has a friends only feature but livejournal is awful.

Office Peasant said...

Diaryland lets u make your blog private for password holders only.

Mike said...

I miss reading your stuff a lot and wish for me that it would continue. For you though, I wonder how secure a password protected site would really be and would you ever again feel the freedom to put your self out there.

Mel said...

just saw this posted this morning. looks like google is adding more security to blogger. maybe you can get in on the Beta

Anonymous said...

WordPress allows you the funtionality to password protect entries, but it also has introduced the funtionality to have a private blog... IE people you choose are the only ones who have access to even read it, as well as comment on it. I have WP set up and can make a mock account for you to play around with if you'd like to test it out and see if its something you dig.

PS -- I hope you managed to get to Cereality before you leave Chicago!!


(i can't remember my damned blogger password and it won't send me the reminder emails. losers.)