Monday, April 09, 2007

Here in Lies the Rub

Previously I would update every day. This is due to the fact that there was not a written rule against doing so at the places I worked. When work was slow and/or I just didn't feel like doing it, I would sign into Blogger. At the new, slightly more corporate company, there are many rules against it. They have many rules about many different things. I have to even dress up! It's not the first time it was "required" but it's the first time it's actually been enforced. At my previous jobs as long as I was wearing clothes it was A OK. This place? I have to wear suits and only on Fridays can wear jeans. This was fun at first, novel even. It felt like playing dress up. Four months in I want my damn jeans back. It's a 26 year old habit and it's hard to break. But I am doing it, putting away my casual clothes and shopping at adult stores for slacks and sigh, button downs. Growing up sucks.

Oh and for anon, yes it's possible to have allergies in California. I know this because I have allergies in California. They are signifcantly better here than back in NY, but still chock full of sneezing and itchy eyes. It's super fun.

Excuse me for the oh so short post but A) it's Sunday and B) I had a party last night and apparently as I am getting older by the second I no longer tolerate wine well. I stopped drinking early and had lots of bread and water, but today I am in serious pain. Such pain that I have laid on the couch all day bemoaning my state, swearing off food and watching an America's Top Model marathon on VH1. I'm a winner.


Lady Player said...

What idiot said there are no allergies in CA? Good God, man, I have to get a bi-yearly SHOT to help me and even then, I still have to take PILLS!

Um, BTW, no offense with the "idiot" comment. Just talking out of my ass.

Gnat of Glass said...

The last time I was in Cali about 7 months ago I though my head was going to assplode. I don't know what could have been blowing at the time but it attacked me with an amount of spite that should have only been visited either on Satan himself, or High McDunna for stealing little Nathan.