Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wow, So that's why I Can't Add Anymore

I think I finally put two and two together and have figured out why my intelligence has almost completely gone away. Once upon a time I loved physics and reading the classics? Now...I love reality television and PerezHilton.com. This became apparent during a conversation I had with a friend regarding the Alanis "My Humps" video.

me: (4:28:57 PM): http://www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/cl-et-goldstein24apr24,0,3236946.story
him: (4:32:55 PM): awesome
him:(4:32:57 PM): (still reading)
me(4:35:16 PM): agreed, awesome. And I agree with the article, it gave her cred. my friend (name removed) said that she hated Alanis utnil she saw it and now she says she understands why Ryan Reynolds dated her all those years
him: (4:35:34 PM): wait, ryan reynolds?
him: (4:35:38 PM): van wilder?
me: (4:35:47 PM): yeah, they dated for like 3 years. they were engaged.
me: (4:35:58 PM): the broke up like 6 months ago.
him: (4:36:24 PM): didn't know that
me: (4:36:49 PM): yes sir. he was then rumored to be dating jessica biel but that was just a lunch between friends as she is dating justin timberlake. it's pretty much confirmed as she changed her cell phone ring to SexyBack....oh no
me: (4:37:09 PM): all this celeb knowledge? yeah it pushed useful things out of my brain such as math and how to not walk into things
him: (4:37:49 PM): lol
me: (4:38:15 PM): I remember when I used to be smart. that was fun. now those days are gone, but I can tell you what Lindsay Lohan wore yesterday
me: (4:38:30 PM): (a flannel shirt, short shirts)
him: (4:38:33 PM): ...
Me: (4:39:25 PM): I'm a winner

My brain is officially full of so much crap that it pushed anything of quality out. I have to stop reading so many gossip blogs or I will soon forget how to speak and dress myself. It's inevitable.


Mel said...

i know what you mean. i check thesuperficial.com ALL day long. it's totally cutting into my work time. and then, at parties, i'm ebmarassed when i actually know that Lindsey & Paris' myspace accounts were hacked. maybe if the science and math blogs were more interesting.....4

Anonymous said...

One word: OhNoTheyDidnt... best celebrity gossip thing ever.


I'm seriously addicted to it. It's a BIT ridiculous just how much time I spend on there!