Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hodge Podge

Last night the boy and I went to see a show called Mortified. If you haven't heard of it or seen it I can not recommend it highly enough. It's hilarious. In short, the show features people reading from their childhood diaries. It changes each show. My favoritelast night? A girl who was a born again Christian at 12 and wrote a song about Jesus to convert her BFF so as to save her from eternal damnation. The best line of the song was 'God made Adam with a pleasurable mouth'. Ah, classy.

It did remind me a lot of my youth. I know, you'll all be very shocked to learn I was not cool. Pick your jaws up off the floor. I actually looked like the human QTip, an excellent look I assure you. I had white blonde hair which my mom insisted on keeping short and permed. Who's a looker? Meghan is. I was also really, really into books and chubby. If that doesn't spell most popular kid in school I don't know what does.

Afterwards we stopped by the drug store to pick up a few odds and ends. Here's the deal, I am a sucker for advertising. As such I purchased the new prescription strength deodorant. I figured, hey, it's summer and warm, who doesn't need a little extra help? The deodorant came with instructions. This was the first cause for concern. Apparently you need to apply it at night so that it soaks in. So, I did. That powdery fresh scent you caught about 11PM? That was me. Seriously people in Uganda can smell me at this moment. I am pungent. I of course, being calm and rational 100% of the time, flapped my arms around and ran in a small circle. I finally collapsed and the boy and I fell asleep noses buried in our pillows hoping to escape my new Secret. Oh and no, it doesn't wash off. It's there for the next 24 hours. MINIMUM.

On a side note, I am sleepy. I am but a wee, delicate flower and if someone in Burbank sneezes I am up for the rest of the night. It's super fun being me.

Side note number 2, I read Harry Potter 7...twice. I am like one step away from dressing up in costume and wearing it to work. Sad, sad little life, but it's all mine. Jealous?


Chuck said...

"I of course, being calm and rational 100% of the time, flapped my arms around and ran in a small circle."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I'm so enjoying this little visual. Ok, I'm better. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! No, seriously, I'm better now.

Good stuff.

Lady Player said...

I KNEW I smelled something powdery....