Monday, July 02, 2007


Who's the douche who despises the heat and yet moved to Southern California? Yeah, that would be me. I HATE the heat. Loathe and deplore. Especially when I live in a (albeit amazing) 1940's apartment with no central air. Basically we are paying for 1400 square feet but are using approximately 400 which I have dubbed 'the cool zone'. The apartment is gigantic but doesn't have a lot of doors. Ergo it's not ale to cool off using air conditioner window units except in the bedroom. This is where I am living. All the time. It's kind of like being an invalid, but a comfortably cool invalid. So I am ok with it.

Last week the boy and I went to the opening night of the Hollywood Bowl. It was absolutely amazing. Kirk Douglas gave a speech, Placido Domingo sang and Jack Black did a back flip. One of the benefits of living here is the fact that everyone 'in the business' lives here too, so they randomly show up at things. Seeing Kirk Douglas in person was fantastic, I kind of wanted to pinch his cheeks and talk about the old days. I don't think he'd appreciate that but it would bring me joy. And really, that's all that's important.

My brother is coming to visit this week and I am beyond excited. He wants to go to Disneyland and apparently as it's California State Law that I go at least once every 2 weeks, I'm taking him. I just hope my ride karma holds out. And that I am able to leave without injuring a tourist. Fingers crossed.


Gnat of Glass said...

It's never been the same after they closed "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride".

I just can't bring myself to go again.


gamerbri said...

ok this makes me a sad sad guy. I live 15 min drive from disney and I haven't been in over 4 years. MY god I have got to go.