Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Me...Kind of

Well, if I were yellow. And 2D.


gamerbri said...

LOL very cool

Aysh said...

just recently came accross your blog, love it so far! I also wanted to find out if you knew if consulting girl is ok? She spoke alot about you in her archives so i figured you might kno!

onlinedatingdiaries said...

Hey Aysh-

Yes, she's fine, just stopped blogging. But, decidedly good.

Anonymous said...

So i have been reading since college humor and when you came back i was so excited. and i understand that u dont wanna be that personal. but on the other persons blog you were and more then that there are pictures on it and iyou do look like that simpsons pic but i just wanted to say thatwhile i think everything you wirte is great, i do miss hearing more about your life, i mean cats and bad tv are good but if you are gonna say stuff on someone elses blog why not go back to being more personal on your own?

Consulting Girl said...


Thanks for the concern, I'm a-ok and still floating around NY causing general havoc and disarray. I stopped blogging because I work crazy hours and couldn't find the extra energy required to be engaging & amusing in a public forum on a regular basis.

Thanks again and if I ever do return to blogging, that will remain the URL :)