Saturday, August 04, 2007

That Fine Line

So, I got a comment from Todd (hello Todd), about my lack of personal entries. And I agree. I have been struggling with it since I came back to blogging. Here in lies the rub, as I see it. I want to respect the boy's wishes regarding not being mentioned as well, it really fucked up some things in the past for me. Since he and I spend a whole hell of a lot of time together, it's difficult. I have things I find hilarious and want to write about... but don't. Not only do I not want to do something that could damage things, cause fights or incur general discomfort.

So here I am wanting to write. I love it, it's my outlet. It's also the outlet that pulled the rug out from underneath me. And then the rug beat the crap out of me. I am trying to get back to writing in a more personal way. When I wrote on my friend's blog (blogger is being an asshat and not letting me hyperlink so: it was my way of testing the waters. Putting something personal out there then ducking and covering. Thus far, no fall out. Also...nothing. No word, no comments, so I assumed until now, people were cool with keeping things un-personal like. I, however, would love for things to get slightly back to how they were. It will just take time.

Oh and I can't write about work, sadly, because I work for THE MAN and they have a policy of 'if you write about us we'll fire you so fast your mom will get whiplash'. And I like things like a steady paycheck and health insurance.

I am going to try my damndest to start actually writing again. I can not however promise less entries regarding the cats, as well, this is my future:

Wish me luck.

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