Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Have Logical and Reasonable Goals

Yesterday I was IM'ing with Sera. I was in a mood because I had to again get up and put on pants. It's a wonder I have friends. This was our conversation:

Me: I want to move to France.

Her: It's very pretty there.

Me: Yes, and they have all of the bread and cheese.

Her: They also have great health care and 7 to 8 weeks of vacation a year.

Me: Yeah.... mostly going for the bread and cheese.

Her: What would you do there?

Me: Queen of France.

Her: You could probably find a job in your current field very easily.

Me: Or be Queen of France.

Her: You don't speak French.

Me: I do too! I can order a Diet Coke, ask where the bathroom is and say "I'm a lawyer".

Her: You're not a lawyer.

Me: Maybe I will be when I'm Queen of France.

Shockingly it was then that she needed to take a cigarette break.


jd said...

Long live the queen!

Chuck said...

Perhaps if you are the Queen, you can pass a law to not have the French suck so much?


Busco-Pareja-Ya said...

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Amor-En-Linea said...

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