Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Dudes, real life sucks. For the last 2.5 weeks I've been on vacation. I have slept in, then napped, and then made out with boys. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

Yesterday I had to wake up to an alarm and put on pants. Oh the horrors of having to put on pants. I then had to go fight traffic, go to an office, and pretend to be an adult. Being an adult sucks. For the last 16 days I was an awesome adult, however. I mixed my orange juice with champagne and had fudge for breakfast. I stayed out until 6AM and danced barefoot in bars. I also accidentally broke a sink off of a bathroom wall while doing a photoshoot. YEP. That totally actually happened.

But now I have to be responsible and all professional. I am however trying to ease back into that though. Because yesterday even though I had put on pants and was sitting upright at a desk I made my assistant come in to photograph my hickies.

I like 2010.


Loverville said...

Think of it this way: you have those *memories* (and pictures) to go back to when you're having a boring day at the office!

I hate to sound all responsible and adult-like here, but it's the balance that keeps it interesting. You appreciate the fun days more when there's some ordinary mixed in -- not to mention that it's the adult-like behavior in the office that pays for the fun times. :)

Chuck said...

So, I have to ask... If you didn't wear pants on vacation, did you just run around in your underwear? LOL

Being an adult blows.. No, being a "Responsible Adult" blows. If your not an adult, you can't drink. And not drinking is bad.

May I ask where you went on vacation? Too late if I can't 'cause I already did. : )

I'm glad to see you are having some fun. I hope it continues all year, Hon.


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