Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wicked Smart

So sometimes I'm an idiot. Like a big, raving idiot who does stupid things and then posts about them on the internet so I can be all 'see, I'm lucky I don't have to wear a helmet'. Last night I proved this yet again.

Yesterday I had a crappy day. It started with my physical therapist gnawing off my leg and leaving bruises on me and ended with a waiter dumping a bowl of gravy in my lap. I was due to go to improv class but I was A) limping and B) smelled like Thanksgiving so I decided to pass. Ava was also having The Day From Hell so we decided that she would come over and I would make us some dinner. Part of said dinner would the inaugural run of my fancy new ice cream maker, a Christmas gift from Liz.

I stopped at the store and bought all of the ingredients for Bailey's ice cream, easily the best sounding frozen treat in the history of man kind. I went home, mixed up a batch, threw the machine together and hit start. It's one of these fancy no need for ice or salt machines. I figured it made the ice cream by magic or like really small frozen elves that live inside the machine. After 30 minutes I checked, expecting to see the finished product. What I found instead was well stirred Bailey's milk. It was then that I decided to read the directions for the machine.


Apparently there are no such things as tiny frozen elves. Instead you need to freeze the bowl for like 22 hours. That's what makes the cream all frozen and whatnot. Logical, right? And thus for dinner last night I served Hershey's kisses and Bailey's cream in glasses. I'm an awesome hostess.


Dora said...

You are too cute for words!!

Are you adoptable?

Online Dating Girl said...

Yes. Yes I am.

Dora said...

I'm e-mailing you the airplane ticket to Montreal as we speak....make sure you have very, very warm clothing. It's going to be a cold winter!

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