Friday, April 24, 2009

Plague of Locusts

Dudes, today I woke up in a really good mood. That can only mean the end is near. For real, this week has kicked my ass up, down and sideways and yet this morning I was compelled to have a Journey dance party on the way to work. I even broke out the air guitar and that is rather difficult to do whilst driving but I pulled it off, dammit. Perhaps this amazing mood comes from the knowledge that tomorrow is my improv show and then after that I get a few blissful totally unscheduled weeks.

You do not understand how rare this is.

My schedule is generally filled for 3 to 5 years in advance. I used to love this. LOVE. I liked knowing where I would be, when and who with. At all times. As of late, well, it makes me want to stab things with something sharp. I want to be able to lay on my couch and watch really shitty TV without having to cancel on someone. To be able to just be, without obsessively checking my blackberry making sure I'm not late for one of my 8 nightly plans. Being as this summer will be the busiest of my young (cough, not really, cough) life I am already overwhelmed. As such the idea of 2! Full! Weeks! of a completely open calendar makes me feel giddy with excitement. I plan to sit around in my underpants. A LOT. And then I will descend straight into hell. Otherwise known as many repeat visits to LAX.

Until then I think drinking during the day is called for. And maybe running through some sprinklers.

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