Wednesday, April 01, 2009

An Up and Down Kind of Day

Yesterday was all over the place in the worst and best ways possible. Let's start bad shall we?

The Bad
I got into work and checked Facebook and what should before my wondering eyes should a appear? A picture of my best friend in his casket. It seems someone, someone who will one day find my fist rushing towards their face very quickly, not only took pictures at the wake but then posted them on the internet AND TAGGED MY DECEASED FRIEND IN HIS CASKET. That all caps there? That denotes my rage. So. Much. Rage. I freaked out and promptly rushed to the bathroom where I vomited. I then plotted ways to find the poster and to hurt them, a lot, physically and mentally. Luckily Sera and Liz (I'm lucky to have them)stepped up and found a way to get the picture removed. It wasn't just the insane and total violation of my friends rights that floored me, but I had intentionally not gone to the viewing as that's not how I wanted to remember him. But, this person made that choice for me. It's just so many shades of wrong my brain can't fully process it yet. Just know there is one really pissed of blond in LA and people should probably steer clear for a day or so. Until that blond gets to the gym and takes out the rage on the punching bag.

(And breathe)

The Good

The cancer ear is not cancer after all! The results came in last night and it seems the original diagnosis was wrong. So I get to keep what's left of the skin on my ear. Rejoice! And then, not 2 minutes after I got that news a package from my mom arrived. You may not know this, but I like presents. Especially when they are unexpected. And especially when they are followed by crappy reality TV and a night in.

So, yes, yesterday sucked and then was good. And I didn't hit anyone in the face (yet) which I think deserves some kind of cash reward. Or a minion, I could go for one of those.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry you had to go through seeing those pictures. You handled it much better than I would have.