Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Dudes, I am going through another break up. I KNOW. This time I am instigating it as it is decidedly LONG overdue.

I am breaking up with my pharmacy.

The reason, you see, is my pharmacy is evil and incompetent. Generally I'm a nice person. Like too nice according to my friends. My pharmacy brings out the crazy bitch in me. So much so that I once, hands balled into fists, red in the face, asked my pharmacist in a not nice tone if he got his degree from Bubba's School of Medicine and Learnin'. I am not kidding or exaggerating. As I had Liz on bluetooth at the time she can back me up, if she's finished laughing yet (this happened a year ago).

Anytime I am forced to go there (at least once a month as I take the baby allergy medication) I end up walking back to my car, cursing and muttering under my breath. Last night as I ranted to Liz about their latest fuck up she exhaled and told me she could no longer support this abusive and dysfunctional relationship. So I am doing it. I am changing pharmacies and giving up. I can't change them. I can't make them in to who I want them to be. Ergo, I am moving on, head held high. So screw you Rite Aid #5452, you never deserved me. So take one last look as I am walking out that door to someone to treats me better.

(I'll miss you)


Becky said...

I'm a fan of the Target pharmacy. Shop, wait for drugs, buy drugs and a pretty candle.
It's great!

Chuck said...

Bummer. The least they could have done is fuck up and give you some Oxycontin. That would be some kind of reparation for all the trouble.

Good riddens to them! They didn't deserve you anyway.

"Bubba's School of Medicine and Learnin" LMAO!!!


QB said...

breaking up with your pharmacy is difficult. I am also a fan of target pharmacy. They are always helpful and nice. I have the best pharmacist ever there and she always takes care of me and goes out of her way to get the meds i need on short notice (like when i double a prescription out of no where...)

good luck with whatever new pharmacy you choose!@