Monday, August 31, 2009


So you may have heard but my state is on fire. You see in Los Angeles we have two seasons: Pilot and Fire. We are currently in the latter of the two. Add to this a crippling heat wave and it feels as though we are living in a very smoky oven. Fun times, huh? Who wouldn't want to live here?

Yesterday I was feeling a bit sick (note: actually I have the death flu that is going around my office, it's fairly rad) so I went home to nap in the AC. Imagine my surprise when two hours into my nap I woke up sweating. In my delirium I figured I must have developed a fever. It took me about three minutes to piece together the fact that I had no power in my apartment. This was only after staring into my refrigerator for awhile trying to figure out why it was dark. What can I say? I'm quick on my feet.

After running around in small circles panicking about the potential for melting, there was a knock on my door. Apparently five apartments in my building were without power and I was one of the lucky few. Yay life! The powerless all held each other and wept and then I had the bright idea to call the power company. Big brain to the rescue! Finally, five hours later I had power restored. Apparently all of the AC units running at the same time in an attempt to ward off Death By Heat blew out the main power fuse for the building. That's what I like to call 'team work'.

So the moral of this story is: LA is warm, I am AWESOME in a crisis (approximately and hour into it) and that I like ponies. You knew I had to throw that in there.


Anonymous said...

The ponies do not like this weather. Such a nice summer it was shaping up to be, too.

Chuck said...

Ah, the one time of year I can tout my weather and say that it is a comfortable 66 degrees here.

That should make up for the 6 months of freezing when it is a balmy 80 there.... NOT