Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Throat Throbby

Sorry for the prolonged absence but it seems I have the plague. Last week I had lost my voice. I figured it was due to the Big Giant Work Event wherein I had to talk for 18 hours straight, 4 days in a row. Sure a baby had coughed directly INTO MY MOUTH but whatever. I got my voice back and went on my merry way. That is until Sunday.

Sunday Liz and I went to a place wherein we had to sit in a tub naked together. That entry is to come later, promise. Upon leaving the tub place I felt a it feverish. Was this due to the fact that I had just sat naked in a room with 30 strangers? No... And my throat kind of hurt. By the time I got home I was rolling on the floor, clutching my throat and begging for mercy. Side note: the author of this piece may become a wee bit melodramatic when ill.

So yesterday I went to ye olde doctor and he gave me medicine and told me it's either strep or laryngitis, results pending. So, now I am quarantined in my little apartment and losing my ever loving mind. I have watched A LOT of bad tv, pranced about in a tiara and napped. This was only the 1st hour. I don't do well when totally cut off from society nor do I do well when I wake up bleeding from the face. But that's an entirely different story as well.

Oooh, suspense!


Chuck said...

Welcome back. We missed you.

I'd like to understand a bit better how a baby coughs into our mouth. At your face maybe, however, unless you are trying to fit said baby into your mouth, I'm at a loss of how this can occur.

I'm also confused about the "sitting naked with 30 strangers" bit. It seems a bit unsanitary to me, but I'm just a rube from the midwest. Perhaps it is common place to hang out (literally) with a group of nekid people in CA?

"pranced about in a tiara" I have more questions about this also.
1. What else did you wear besides the tiara. *ahem* for documentary purposes only...
2. You actually own a tiara? Where did you get such an accessory. I can only assume you are some sort of Nubian princess that sits around naked with 30 people and tries to fit babies in your mouth?

Sorry to pose so many questions to you. I'm just trying to understand the LALA life a bit better.

Looking forward to the face bleeding post. It sounds like something I never want to do.


Chris said...

As a fellow LA dweller, Chuck, I would like to assure you that sitting naked with 30 strangers isn't as common as you might think. We're an open and friendly people. It's rare for any of us to be in a room with a group of any size without instantly becoming life-long friends. So to be with that many strangers, clothed or otherwise, that's a special and rare event, to be celebrated.

I, too, have questions about the mechanics of the baby-into-mouth coughing. That seems a little on the dangerous sides. Babies are unreliable and prone to waving their arms about violently. Being that close to a baby seems, like running with scissors, a near certain way to lose an eye.

PS, face bleeding? For real?

gamerbri said...

I have been in a hot tub naked with 30 strangers and they didn't remain strangers for long. As I don't think you were doing the same thing I was. I can't wait to hear this story. I hope you feel better M.