Thursday, September 17, 2009

Computer Fall Down, Go Boom

So last weekend I decided to be all domestic and make pancakes from scratch. As such I hauled my computer into the kitchen so I could see the recipe online. I've mentioned I'm a klutz, right?

Yeah. This doesn't end well.

About, oh, 2 minutes into cooking I spilled vegetable oil all over my computer. Dumped the full bottle on the keyboard is more accurate. Luckily a friend was over and he's a computer genius so he leapt into action. I ran around in small circles. He wisely decided that my 6 year old laptop probably needed to be backed up. So we put it on the table and hooked up my external hard drive, got it all backin' up, and left.

Let's repeat that. We left my computer, open, covered in oil on a table. In a house with cats that well, look like this:

Upon returning home a few hours later the computer was laying on its side on the floor. It was however completely licked clean of oil, so that's a plus. But, on the downside now only the t, g, b, r, and the q keys worked. As simple as my blogging language is I do from time to time require vowels. So I played taps for my computer, shed a single tear and then refused to buy a new one. Because I'm logical (and broke).

I insisted I could get by with my new fancy web enabled phone and my computer in my office. This lasted for approximately 5 days. Then I spent a large sum of money on a shiny new Mac. Now on day three of owning said new shiny Mac I can only say this: internet, I don't need a man, I have found one my true love. He's perfect and one day I hope we can make our love legal in all 50 states. Fingers crossed.


Conrad said...

I just got a Mac too! My love doesn't go as far as yours though, unless you count my Jessica Alba screen saver.

Christina said...

Congrats on your new Mac! Sorry about your stress beforehand though-well at least you got some pancakes out of the deal.
My Mom says your cat looks pregnant, which I think is impossible since he's a boy :)

gamerbri said...

LOL too funny, I love this post.