Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Upon Discussing Health Care

Me (12:52:37 PM): wanna move to canada?
Liz(12:52:45 PM): packing my fucking bags
Me(12:52:54 PM): just think, we can wear scarves a lot
Me(12:52:57 PM): I look good in scarves
Liz(12:53:10 PM): is it just me? or is that THE MOST RIDICULOUS FUCKING IDEA EVER?
Me(12:53:23 PM): it's pretty damn stupid
Liz(12:53:28 PM): livid.
Me(12:53:47 PM): I like the fact there's a fine for not having insurance
Me (12:53:51 PM): that's fun for the whole family!
Liz(12:55:11 PM): FUCKING LIVID
me 12:55:34 PM): we could also move to the UK
Me(12:55:37 PM): they have fun accents
me 12:55:40 PM): and are all closet drinkers
me(12:55:43 PM): so we'd blend
me (12:55:46 PM): you like fish and chips
Liz(12:55:47 PM): yes please.
me(12:55:48 PM): I like curry
me(12:55:52 PM): the end
Liz (12:55:55 PM): canadians are nice. i'd stick out.
me (12:56:03 PM): we'll buy a castle. those are cheap there, right?
Liz (12:56:12 PM): no clue
me (12:56:20 PM): yeah, totally cheap all through europe
me(12:56:23 PM): at least in my plan
Liz(12:56:30 PM): exc. plan
me (12:56:37 PM): that's why I'm in charge, Liz


gamerbri said...

Liz and M so special together. wow you are in need of help. lol

steev said...
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