Friday, September 25, 2009

Now That Was Fun

Dudes, if you can, go to a Britney concert. The show itself is rad and all around good times but the people watching? CHRIST ON A CRACKER. It is Amazing, capital A.

First of all, there were oh so many chicks dressed up like Britney. In front of us in line for beer were two girls who had handmade their costumes. There was Britney from Toxic and Britney from Slave For You. One even had the same tattoos as Brit. That is what I like to call 'dedication to a cause' or 'fucking delusional, no seriously'. Obviously they also did not resemble her in shall we say, body shape. Listen, I know the size of my ass and thus how to dress for it. I would not in any state of sobriety prance about one square inch of fabric. These chicks apparently haven't gotten the memo. I wanted to sit down the Toxic Britney and just say no, repeatedly, like one would when training a puppy. But alas, I could not.

Also, apparently parents taking their children to the concert thought it was ok to dress their preteens like hookers. I can not tell you how many 10, 11 and 12 year old girls I saw in pleather leggings, mini skirts and heels that even Hollywood Blvd hookers would call tacky.

My friend and I literally could not force ourselves to leave the main hall and take our seats, because in doing so we would lose all of these wonderful sites. We did however, take our seats...behind two girls dressed for prom. Thank you Britney, thank you oh so very much.

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CoatMan said...

And you expected anything different at a Britney Spears concert..?!