Thursday, September 10, 2009


Dudes, it's been awhile. Apologies, apologies. You see I went to Seattle and while there fell under a giant pile of stress known as 'over working'. Like 20 hour days followed by 2 to 3 hours of sleep. It was super. Then, apparently there was an outbreak of the swine flu IN THE BUILDING I WAS WORKING AT and, I believe, two people died. So, in panic I spent two days running around in small circles, stopping to take my temperature and then running again. Because y'all, I'm delicate like a fucking flower. I once got a cold because someone two counties over sneezed. Ergo when people start dropping due to le flu de swine in my IMMEDIATE VICINITY I start calling my loved ones and checking to see who would take my cats.

So, there's that.

I flew home on 2 hours of sleep, cooked a dinner for 20 and stayed up far too late. Again. Then in the morning I got a root canal. I don't know if you've ever been struck by lightening in the face but I swear I have. (Squeamish turn away) You see, he had to inject Novocaine directly into the root of my tooth because apparently I'm immune. Yeah. I am. It hurt. A lot. So, I have spent the last 48 hours not sleeping or eating and just watching really crappy reality tv. Side note, I love me some America's Next Top Model, I really do. I am now back on my feet and attempting solid foods. Look at me, livin' it up!

Luckily last night I slept like a damn champ. Seriously if awards were given out for deep sleeping I would be given one for last night's showing. So now I am able to see straight and have words back. Yay words! Rejoice!

Now excuse me while I go run around in circles again because it's become something of a habit.


Chuck said...

Glad you're back, ODD. Hope the swine stays away from you.


gamerbri said...

Hey M, first I hear that what's going around is called the PAX POX. it was insane from the stories that I am hearing. I hope you didn't get too close to those gaming freaks to catch anything. And second the root canal is the easy part. Just tell them to get you many many drugs and you will be a happy girl.