Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: a Recap

Dudes, I cannot express how happy I will be to slam the door on 2009. There were some ups, decidedly, and dear sweet merciful Christ there were some downs.

Let's see:

- My best friend Adam died, unexpectedly
- Fell in love. Hard.
- Had dinner at the French Laundry
- Had my heart broken, then run over, squashed like bug
- Cried. A lot. Blogged about it.
- Flew on tiny, tiny plane to see good friends get married
- Jumped off a cliff in Hawaii
- Dated a fun hipster with a scooter
- Stopped dating fun hipster with a scooter and declared man ban
- Spent approximately 3k on much needed therapy
- Cried. A lot. Blogged about it
- Fell down in Vegas and pushed my kneecap back in with my hand
- Made an amazing friend
- Dated vastly inappropriate people, laughed about it
- Learned the value of retail therapy
- Lost some old friends, fought with some, grew closer because of it
- Am still standing

It's been a roller coaster, friends. Thank you for being here with me on the ride. Here's to 2010 being better for all of us, full of laughter, love, hope and champagne.


Loverville said...

Sounds like a hell of a year -- may 2010 be a better one for us all!

Now go to Spain, dance on tables and kiss some Madrilenos! Buen viaje!

Chuck said...

May 2010 make you out of breath, a little sore and with a oh-so satisfied warm-and-fuzzy feeling.


Anonymous said...

You did have a crazy year. I understand why you wouldn't want to share everything. Do you think you could just think about writeing about the very bad dates you had like the olden days. Just saying that was the best stuff iv ever read. If it was a movie I'd def see it. Just saying....


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