Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fire 2007

Ok, so here's the deal. I know there are lots of tragedies in the world and that the fire that is currently tearin' up LA is threatening houses and lives and so on and so forth. But...I am selfish. I had a crap day yesterday (thanks new boss!)and just wanted to go home and watch the next to last episode of one of my favorite super girly shows: Gilmore Girls. Feel free to point and laugh, as the boy does, I know most hate it but damnit, I love me some Stars Hollow drama.

I settle into my couch, ready to be entertained for an hour. The episode starts, I am 8 minutes in and BAM: Breaking News. The fire is no longer under control and is headed for the zoo. This coverage went on for two hours. TWO HOURS. It was of course, the only channel in LA that felt that this was news worthy. The coverage went something like this:

First 20 minutes: The fire is headed for the zoo! Animals will more than likely be evactuated! Oh the humanity! (same 3 shots used over and over again)
Second 20 minutes: Well...the fire seems to not be headed to the zoo anymore. So, that's good, right? Right? (same 3 shots used over and over again)
The next hour: Wow, flames look awesome on film, huh? Oh, here's a guy from Los Feliz on the phone. (dude from Los Feliz) Yep, this fire sucks.

Finally at 10 I turned off the TV, fully realizing that I would not have my episode of girly tv. I shake my fist at you, local CW Network. Were 2.5 hours of coverage of the fire really and truly necessary? I mean, we all knew it was burning and we all knew it was in danger of spreading. But it didn't. It just kind of stayed in the same area, burning. Really it wasn't compelling tv. And how is it still breaking news being that the fire had been burning since, oh, 1PM? It's not so much breaking as it is 7 hours old. Way to be on top of things CW, gold star.

Now just give me my Gilmore Girls, preferably tonight and uninterrupted, and we won't have any more problems. If you don't, well, I am just saying...I may punch you in the throat.


Michael said...

Apparently if you call KTLA they tell you they'll air the episode on Satuday the 12th at 8pm.

Not that they bothered to put an announcement on their website or anything.

I'm fretting about Veronica Mars, too. No word on when she gets to sleuth around on my screen next.

Meghan said...

Michael, you are my hero! Seriously, that's awesome. At least VM you can watch on Apparently Rob Thomas is pitching 2 ideas to the CW execs this week and they will make a decision soon, so the announcement will come in the next 2 weeks before their upfront.

Sociologian said...

awww well that's it, no more GG. I was really worried that they were going to leave everything hanging because there was such short notice that there wasn't going to be another season, but it wasn't an entirely unsatisfying ending from my perspective.

Now I just have to cross my fingers for Veronica Mars to get renewed...