Friday, May 18, 2007

Useless Things

In the past week I have encountered two utterly useless items. This does not include Paris Hilton as that's a given.

1) Yesterday I checked my mail and there was a huge envelope from my car company. I opened it up and inside was a hand drawn sketch of my car, in a different color. Attached was a note thanking for being a customer and to let me know that this sketch was 'suitable for framing'. Now, I overpay for my car as it is. What I would have rather they spent that money on is either figuring out how to get me better gas mileage or, you know, a check addressed to me for a large sum of money. While I appreciate the sketch of my car I have found that I have no use for it. If people want to see said car I will just point out the window and say 'it's the one with wheels'. I however would not point to the large frame hanging over the mantel and say 'it's like that, but black, and you know, three dimentional.'

2) In Disneyland on the mirror over the sink are step by step instructions on how to wash your hands. Seriously? Does someone actually need a manual for that. I can only imagine some person, scratching their head and looking oddly at the faucets. Thank God they noticed the sign however. 'Oh! I get it now! You put the water on your HANDS. That makes so much more sense!' If you need instructions on how to wash your hands you probably shouldn't be out in public. As you probably forgot to put on clothes and don't know your own name.

Ah, I love the modern world. It brings love and joy into my heart. Or judgement and sarcasm to my lips. It's a toss up really.


Anonymous said...

I bet you someone got a lot of money from disney saying there bathrooms werent equiped for mentally challenged hahaha

plain jane said...

A sketch of your car???! I would probably deface it and send it back.