Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Town is on Fire....Again

Dear LA,

I just wanted to write you a brief note. Not sure if you realize this but you seem to be awfully flammable. And also full of idiots that tend to drop matches and/or fireworks in densely wooded areas. So, here's my thought: either you know, be less flammable OR get rid of the idiots. I am leaning towards choice #2, but really, it's your call.

Oh and while you're at it could you also try not to melt me anymore? It's a bit hot outside.

Hugs and Kisses,

PS- Really, you should try and get rid of the idiots. It will also really help traffic immensely. See? Two birds, one you shaped stone. Get to work.


Lady Player said...

On the news, they r sharing the best kept shortcuts in LA.

WTF? Dont tell THEM! The idiots will find me!

plain jane said...

About eleventy billion less idiots in LA. I won't go near the place, no offense.

And why-why-why in the place with the best weather in the country for walking and biking and waiting for the bus, did they destroy any chance for decent mass transit and bike paths?