Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Today, I admit, LA is lovely. It's actually perfect outside. I am of course stuck in my windowless little cubby, but I can see how lovely it is through the window in the hall. There is nothing I would rather do than go take a nap in the park. Right after I win the lottery.

As much as I bitch and whine about Los Angeles living I love the fact that roughly 360 days out of the year I wear flip flops. I have gone through 2 pairs since moving here and I love it. I even have flip flop tan marks on my feet. For those who know me you can only imagine how awesome this is as well, I am ass pale. Tan lines of any sort are cause for celebration. Tan lines give the illusion that I am in fact not made out of flour or related to the kid in that film Powder. I am sporting a healthy, almost resembling actual skin tone glow. And I like it.

Next Monday is my birthday, feel free to mark your calendars now. To celebrate a caravan of friends are heading with me to Disneyland this Saturday. While there I will consume more churros than humanly possible and more than likely make everyone wear mouse ears. Then on Monday I am taking the day off and lounging. I will bake my own birthday cake and then meet a group of friends at my favorite tapas place. This year if someone doesn't get me a pony, I'm gonna be pissed.

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gamerbri said...

OH god you just said the one thing that makes me weak. CHURROS. I have been known to hit each and every one in that park. Even if I have not finished the last one I have to get one. Have a couple for me.