Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Birthday, a Recap

This birthday I discovered what heaven tastes like and that is the risotto ball at The Courtyard. Oh tasty fried ball of goodness, where have ye been all my life? They were next to the sangria conveniently.

Things I got for my 27th birthday:

1) a hang over
2) a slight weight gain due to copious amounts of tapas and wine. And cake. We can't forget the cake.
3) a new super short and shaggy hair cut that I think is rad
4) a pony
5) a helmet

Yes, you read that correctly. My friends all chipped in and wanted to buy me a bike. Unfortunately I am the only one with a big enough car that could transport said bike to a different location. As such they bought me a sassy pink bike helmet, a bike lock, and a gift card to go purchase a pink beach cruiser. My friends? Yeah, they're AWESOME. Had I not been a wee little bit tipsy I probably would have cried. Instead I tried on the helmet. Backwards. And then wore it proudly at the table. Luckily the restaurant was fairly empty and the waiters found me amusing. What can I say, I am nothing but class 100% of the time.

This birthday was fantastic. Between the boy and his sweetness and his trying to make it wonderful despite his horrible cold and my friends and their generosity and thoughtfulness I had one of the best birthdays of all time. And I have left over cake to boot!

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Ila King said...

Happy Birthday!!! oh Risotto Balls