Monday, June 11, 2007

It's My Birthday and I'll Whine if I Want To

Today I turned 27. Today also marked the 6th day of the worst insomnia in the history of the world. It's super awesome when you have the day off to relax and you wake up at 4:45AM. As I am not a farmer that's a bit early. I have watched the sunrise more times this past week than I have in my entire life. I shake my fist at you universe. Give me back my sleep!

This weekend I went to Disneyland, as I said before. It was, to quote my 12 year old self, super awesome. I finally ignored my chicken shit side and went on Space Mountain and Tower of Terror. I have never screamed so loudly in my life. The Tower picture even beats last month's Splash Mountain pic. In it every person is smiling, happy to be plummeting in an elevator. I, however, look as though I am sobbing and about 4 seconds away from death. It's truly fantastic. I think it may be this year's Christmas card. My brother is coming to town in a few weeks and I will be headed back to Disney. He also is something of a chicken but I am making him go on the Tower with me. I think I just won't tell him it's not scary. I am going straight to hell but at least I will go there with a picture of my brother screaming for mercy.

Oh and on a final note, the boy is the best. For my birthday he got me a stuffed pony AND a Kitchen Aid mixer. I just finished making my birthday cake and I am in love. I am running away with my mixer to make our love legal. Perhaps then I will be able to sleep.


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Finally got your pony!!