Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Entry in Which I Do Something Stupid

Sunday I went to the gym. This alone should signal the end of times or at the very least a plague of locusts, but I digress. So there I was on the elliptical jamming out to my iPod. I had just downloaded a bunch of new music, and since I am white, that music was old school rap. During the download process when given the chance between the radio version or the explicit version I always chose explicit because well, I like curse words, I know, you are shocked. However, I have mostly never heard the explicit versions of these songs. This is key.

So there I am, rocking out, volume all the way up when one of the songs that I had not yet listened to came on. And internet, I fell off the elliptical. Literally. I have apparently turned into an 80 year old woman who when confronted with super dirty, super unexpected lyrics just topples on over. Needless to say those around me giggled. They are far kinder than I as if I had seen me fall I would have pointed, laughed and possibly tried to high fiver the faller. Instead they giggled and tried not to make eye contact. I then gesticulated wildly trying to show everyone that I know how to make my feet go but I just had the lyric 'beat the puss up' shouted into my ears. I think I accurately conveyed this through mime. Or at least looked like a girl who had fallen off a piece of exercise equipment and then was flapping her arms like a 'special' flamingo. Toss up, really.


Chuck said...

"beat the puss up" ROTFL That has got to be the best lyric ever.

It's too bad you don't exercise at my gym. I could use some humor while on the treadmill.


CurlyHairedMom said...

I remember listening to a explicit version of some song...don't remember which one... but the words were something to the effect of lifting up her skirt in the limo and just giving it to her?! LoL I was at the gym, on the ellipitcal, taking a drink of water, and I actually started choking :S to make it better, there was a super hot guy, across from me, and because I couldn't stop coughing, you know how it is when it goes down the wrong pipe? He asked me if I was OK!

I work out from home now :D

sJea said...

more laughing out loud...you are hilarious...