Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Easy Mistake

So, I am taking Korean classes. Let that sink in for a minute, I'll wait.

I am taking Korean as well, I do weird things with my time and/or life. I went in thinking that I could totally learn Korean. I am here to tell you I totally can't. Everyone else picked it up at lightening speed. When I got called on I for some reason developed a heavy southern accent and said 'I think you best go on to the next student.' (I'm awesome) After 3 hours of class I can say yo yo. It's pronounced 'yo yo'. Look at me go!

The reason I bring this up is twofold: one, so you can laugh at the idea of me trying to speak Korean and failing miserably and two, to warn you about an easy mistake to make if you are to ever visit Seoul. The word for crab is pronounced Kay. The word for dog? Also pronounced Kay. So the lesson for the day is if you ever decide to go to a Korean restaurant DO NOT ORDER CRAB. You may end up with Lassie.

In fact when the teacher showed us the flash card for dog and had us say Kay, she made a sad face and said 'this one we can't eat in America', then sighed.

Yep. This is totally my life.

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sJea said...

i laughed OUT LOUD at this...