Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Thanks, I'll Pass

So the bad speller contacted me again. Apparently me going silent for 3 days was taken as playing hard to get. The solution? To text me with 'I want to cook you dinner and film a fake beer commercial with you'. Um...thanks? But no? Because I don't want my head to end up in a freezer?

I contend he's probably not a serial killer but the potential for non wanted touching is very high. A note to all dudes out there trying to woo ladies from the internet: offering to cook for me before we've even spoken on the phone is creepy. Very creepy. And the potential for roofies is very high.

I declined. Back to the drawing board.


gamerbri said...

So this is my question. Is it going to be him cooking or his mom?

Chuck said...

But he's been upgraded from french fries to burger flipper and he's itching to show off his mad skillz. High in spelling errors and cholesterol.

Besides, he probably meant for you to come down to his BK.

The only thing I don't understand is "film a fake beer commercial." I'm absolutely perplexed.

Maybe he wants to show you his "spuds mackenzie" if you know what I mean.....