Thursday, January 22, 2009

Small World

Last week I had a date with a guy. I wasn't that excited about it and all day long debated canceling. I finally resolved myself to just going through with it as it was only one drink. On my way to my car the guy called and cancelled. AWESOME. Apparently he'd just come down with the flu. Total lie as he made no attempt to reschedule. I essentially did a jig to my car and drove home excited thinking I would never have to see this guy, mildly shocked at how relieved I felt.

Two days later I went to a meet up group for amateur photographers. We were planning on taking the subway around LA to get some shots of the city. As we were sitting and waiting for the rest of the group my friend nudged me and asked why this dude was staring at me. Yeah, internet, it was the dude. There he was, a whole two feet away, completely healthy and staring at me with the intensity of a thousand suns. I looked at him and smiled thinking it might cut through some of the awkward. It did not. For the remaining five hours he stood about one to two feet away, staring at me. On the subway? Staring at me. In MacArthur Park? Staring at me. You get the theme. Finally we were so creeped out we abandoned the group on the subway. When the weird dude realized we were still on the car, pulling away from the group, he stood outside the car, mouth agape, watching us go. My friend bet that I would receive an email from him with an hour. I haven't and am incredibly thankful. Methinks we wouldn't have worked out in the long run anyway what with me being (mildly) normal and him being Lurch.

And thus, my first truly unbearably awkward online dating story from Los Angeles. Rejoice!

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Chuck said...

Clearly, he was mentally kicking himself for ditching you after seeing how gorgeous and awesome you are in person.

Either that or he was wondering how your skin felt. Not to touch, mind you, but to wear.....