Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gather Your Loved Ones...

Because dudes, apocalypse time. I had a good date. He looked like his picture. He was charming. He bought me french fries and helped me put on my coat. What. The. Fuck. Sure, he was easily 2 inches shorter than he claimed, but whatever. We're going out again. I'm sure it's then I'll find out that he's really not employed and his sexy accent is fake. It's a matter of time.

Ok, off to answer emails on my datin' site. You know, like the one without any introduction that says 'you're hot, let's hang out'. He clearly knows the way to a woman's heart.

Side note - Chuck, the comment on my last post made me do a spit take. Well done sir, well done.


AJ said...

Best comment I ever got on a dating site: "You smell nice."

Sabrina said...

LoL @ you smell nice!

My fave is the 20yr old boys who chat me up, I'm 31, thinking I'll be so flattered, I'll give it up for an "intimate encounter"!

Chuck said...

"you smell nice" is brilliant.

Good luck on your date. We look forward to hearing about it.


Becky said...

I once had a guy say "I thought you were real cute until I seen you date blacks."

To which I replied, "I thought you were a loser when I realized you were a racist."