Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, Liz

This is why I like IM & Liz:

Liz (2:45:51 PM): I too blogged. today is stupid. enjoy
Meg (3:03:50 PM): poor liz
Meg (3:03:53 PM): you have of the anger
Liz (3:04:04 PM): what? sea monkey are stupid
Meg (3:04:11 PM): yes
Liz (3:04:25 PM): thank you
Meg (3:04:26 PM): but when you write like that I can tell it's due to the fact you have the rage
Liz (3:04:32 PM): oh yes.
Meg (3:04:33 PM): why do we hate sea monkeys today?
Meg (3:04:55 PM): no, they are not
Meg (3:04:58 PM): excellent point
Liz (3:04:58 PM): false advertising. they're shrimp with delusions of grandeur
Liz (3:07:41 PM): AND they come to life when you put them in water. that's fucking creepy

You know, she makes a good point. She may be angry, but she's not off base on the delusions of grandeur thing. I bet they even own tuxes. Stupid uppity sea monkeys.

Great, now I hate sea monkeys too. Man I am susceptible to suggestion.


AJ said...

Ok, so I REALLY hate sea monkeys. When I lived with Kenchy, he bought some to have as PETS and put them in this little bowl. It was CREEPY.

So I come home one day, walk into the bathroom, and the bowl, along with the little squirmy effers, is shattered, all over the bathroom floor.

Why? He put the bowl in the window sill so they could get light.

They are SEA MONKEYS. Why do they need light?

And the window came sliding down hard, smashing the bowl and sending all of it to the floor.

Not surprising? Kenchy did not come home to clean it up so I had to pick up the glass and the little yucky seamorons. I fluhed them.

As they started to flush? One of them started to move. Clearly it came back to life but it was too late. The flush was in motion.

So I am a sea monkey murderer. There. I admit it.

liz said...

YES! Sea monkey slaughter! You are my people, AJ. Thank you for being a part of the solution.