Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Senorita Cranky Pants

Dudes, I am cranky. I am seriously a really snotty 3 year old who is sitting in the corner with her arms crossed, glaring at you. It's REALLY, REALLY charming, be assured.

Part of this cranky has to do with the fact that my cats are assholes. Furry little hell hounds be exact. The other morning I was blissfully asleep when I am woken up by a car DRY HEAVING OVER MY FACE at 5AM. Due to my lightening quick reflexes (read, half asleep zombie like movements) I was able to literally fling my cat through the air just in time. He missed my face but got the other side of the bed. Awesome? On the plus side I now know I am really adept at cat flinging. God help me if I ever have a child who gets sick in the middle of the night. My reflexes are trained now and that kid will be air born more than once. Fun for the whole family.

The other reason I am cranky is a totally girlie reason and that is grief eating. You see due to the heartbreak of the friend dying I have turned to the classic coping mechanism: ingesting large quantities of mac and cheese. But now I have a date for the memorial which gives me 2 weeks to shed the grief weight so I can go put it back on in the form of binge drinking whilst in NY.

You can't say I'm not responsible.

Now excuse me while I go pout in a corner as I am an awesome adult.

1 comment:

Chuck said...

You poor thing.

My cat is bulimic and likes to hurl after he eats. It's bad enough stepping in a cold pile of cat puke in the dark, I can't imagine have him yak in your face.