Wednesday, March 07, 2007

13 Going On...87

I am the first to admit I am a little weird. Perfect example is this week. Monday I went with a friend while she got some amazing tattoos, yesterday I went to a Christina Aguilera concert and today, today I took a cake decorating class.

The Christina concert was amazing. It's a given the girl can sing and that the theatrics were fantastic, but what made the concert was the section I was seated in. I have a knack of getting tickets in the most eclectic section humanly possible. Look for the section that looks somehow off, and I will be there dead center. So last night it was my friend and I, behind us were a 45 year old couple and in front of us were two men. The two men however, were very very straight. It was something of a head scratcher. I can't imagine a male friend of mine calling up his BFF and demanding they get expensive seats to see Xtina. I developed a theory that it was A) a dare or B) one of the dudes had broken up with his girlfriend and when she asked for the tickets he decided to stick it to her and screamed out, fuck you, I'm taking Steve! Poor Steve was obviously miserable. He was on his Blackberry most of the night, which isn't uncommmon in LA, but generally not in a 150 dollar concert seat. He did occassionally glance up and give a weak smile while the Pussycat Dolls performed but that was it. Side note, I want to have a serious sit down conversation with who ever makes their costumes. Really was 2 dollar hooker with a odd horse tail sown on ass the only original look they could come up with? Horrible. But I digress.

The couple behind us, on first glance, looked like parents who had accompanied their pre teen daughters to the show. That glance would be wrong. They were on a date, he knew every word to Genie in a Bottle which he sung loudly, and this fact? It turned her on. I know this because every time I turned my head I had to watch one of them feel the other up. I tried not to turn my head often. The dissappeared roughly half way through the show to "walk around the compound". They never returned. It is my theory they got caught somewhere doing very inappropriate things and not only scared some 13 year old who found them, but were escorted out. It was a night full of theories and I like 'em.

Tonight was my first cake decorating class. I somehow always find classes that are again, somehow off. Tonight was shockingly no different. After making the trek to Burbank I sat at the table with a bunch of other 20 something women and one married couple. I felt bad for the dude who would clearly rather be individually plucking out his eyelashes than be there, he looked pained. Who knew so many 20 year old women wanted to learn fancy cake techniques? I thought it would be me and a bus from the senior center. The best part was the instructor. She explained to us that her sister usually teaches the class but had been called away to volunteer with the Red Cross. She had never taught this class before. For an hour I watched her mutter into a bowl of frosting. She iced a cake and then served it to us. No fancy techniques. Just you know, put frosting on cake, smooth....ta da. The 2 hour class was thankfully cut down to just 45 minutes. It did however feel like 2 hours and that's what counts. Next week apparently we will actually learn something about cake decorating. The purpose of tonight's class is beyond me. On the plus side I am remarkably full of cake. Yay for cake.


gamerbri said...

LOL I love your writing. And I have to say I feel sorry for "Steve's" friend. I know what it's like to be that guy in a place that you really don't feel comfortable at. OH well it's what being a best friend is for right? LOL again very very happy you are back to writing. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! you're back. i'm so glad. sounds like things are going pretty well for you. congrats on the move and the new boy!


mv said...

this sounds a little like my life...always a bit off...this post was hillarious, i laughed my way through it