Thursday, March 15, 2007

Warm and Fuzzy

This morning I was gently rocked awake to the sound of my cat vommiting at the foot of my bed. He loves his mommy.

While I do in fact love my cats and treat them more like children than animals, I do not enjoy the piles of vomit they leave for me as presents. Especially at 6:30 in the morning. Could he have not coordinated with my alarm clock? Of course not. I am just grateful that it was at the foot of my bed and not actually on my bed. Or me. Both of those have happened previously and I am hoping to not relive those experiences ever again.

Last night with the aid of serious amounts of DayQuil I was able to make it to my first cake class, for the first hour at least. After the first hour thinks get reallllll hazy like and I had to excuse myself. first cake. As you can see I am a very mature artist and culinary technician.

Oh and to the anon comment who said that I get ill more than any person you have ever met....I know, if it were the 1800's I would have died long ago. I am a delicate flower.


mv said...

i've always said the same thing, if it weren't for modern medicine, i would have been dead long ago...

Anonymous said...

that cake looks delicious!! good work! -C

Anonymous said...

if it wasn't for modern times I'd have been roasted by dragon fire by now

Karim said...

I second it. I would have been dead long ago too. Actually I wouldn't have made it past age 6 months when I had scarlet fever.

Either that or I would have been one of the invalids with a heart condition and lived my childhood in my bedroom with my treasured books. And then of course died tragically in my teens.

Sheesh. Even my childhood illnesses were old-fashioned.