Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Martian Flu

I am sick, cough cough. Instead of sleeping all day and getting better I am basically just working from home. I am fielding calls and answering emails. Apparently for my company "sick day" means, a day we take from your allotment but still expect you to work. The second I turn off the BlackBerry my home phone rings. For this I shake my fist, weakly.

I truly have nothing interesting to say, it's sad really. Unless of course you want to hear about the America's Next Top Model and Top Chef marathons I have watched this week. It's very exciting I assure you.

I had plans for the weekend but I think I have cancelled them all by now. Instead I will stay inside, bemoan my state and possibly clean. I am officially my mother and upon this realization really need a drink. Wine totally mixes with DayQuil, right?

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Anonymous said...

you get sick more then anyone iv ever known