Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Recap, Lite

I have been asked to do a recap of the months missing from the blog. I assure you, it's really not that interesting. I am however working on it and should have one in a few days. However, just to clear the record, I didn't leave because of negative comments. Love me, hate me, think I suck at life, whatever, I can take it. The issue became the fact that someone used this blog and tried to ruin me. This person read the blog from beginning to end 3 times (thanks site tracker!) and pulled details. They used these details to in essence, fuck with my head, ruin my relationship and destroy me. Ergo, I stopped blogging. It was really hard but at the time it was the right decision for me. I am still hesitant to write and am basically just putting my big toe back in the water, testing things out.

The only reason I am back is this blog was mine. I loved it, still do. I loved the exercise of writing, the community of people here and making people laugh. Taking it down not only took away my outlet, but it gave her the power. If this person resurfaces I will deal with the ramifications, perhaps change who can add comments. I am not sure at this point. I am calling it the grand experiment, and thus far, I like it. Wish me luck.


Gnat of Glass said...

Good to see you testing the waters.


Chuck said...

May I surgically remove her spleen with a spoon for you?


Chuck said...

BTW. Glad to see that you are back.