Friday, March 30, 2007

My Town is On Fire

In case you haven't heard there is a huge ass fire in LA currently burning up acres of land in Studio City and Universal City. I am fairly near there, but only near enough that I can look out my office windows and say "damn that's a lot of smoke", but not actually feel the heat. I have friends that aren't so lucky and are down the street from the fires. As I am paranoid in general, I am of course now determined that they are in danger and am encouraging them to quit their jobs if necessary and flee.

To add some irony to the day, my friend who works directly across the street from the fire received an email that his lot was not in danger and to stay in his building. The irony? The office that sent the message? They all left. Immediately after sending it. Fantastic.

There are many reasons I don't understand this town. One being that it's basically melting in a giant pool of flames and everyone is remarkably cool about it. They just keep on a'workin pretending they aren't flammable. (which reminds me of the mitch hedberg joke of "if you have two legs and are flammable, you are never blocking a fire exit", if you don't know who is he, for shame. The man is a genius). But honestly, I am shaking my head. A raging fire is eating up the Hollywood Hills as we speak and people are getting ready to roast marshmellows and not, oh say, run for their lives.

On a side note I put out a cake four hours ago and STILL it's untouched. Non sugar eating weirdos. Eat the cake! Run from fire! Two simple rules to live by.


Review Girl said...

Uhh ... move back to NY? Just an idea.

plain jane said...

Rules to live by!

Anonymous said...

first of all, when the hell did you move to the west coast, and second, wheres the chicago love?

Its opening day tomorrow, and we love cake.

poor mitch hedberg, RIP

-the dirtsac

p.s. welcome back