Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nights Like These

Sunday night and I should be winding down, watching my favorite reality show and preparing for a day in the office. I don't think that's possible at this time though. I have too much wine in my system and too many thoughts waiting.

Tonight started out innocuous enough. A friend and I went shopping and intended to see a movie. After browsing one shop and seeing one of the world's super models up close (who knew she shopped in the Gap? oh and not fair, the woman glows without make up) we realized we were hungry. We headed off to a lounge in the open air mall for a quick bite. The quick bite quickly turned into 3 appetizers and a total of 8 glasses of wine, 4 a piece. During the five hours we spent in the lounge we discussed everything. It's days like this, where the mood is light, that you end up touching on areas that are dark. From her brother's and my father's deaths, looming questions and stupid gossip, I feel like we covered everything topic. And now my mind is going 90 miles an hour with no signs of stopping. Stuff I didn't know existed was brought up and dissected.

I think it's time to curl up and try to sort some things out. Maybe by the time I wake up I will have some answers. Even if I don't, I think I may be ok with that. At least I know now that the questions exist. Oy, too heavy for a Sunday, at least I know that.

A lighter post to come soon, you have my word. Girl Scout honor.

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gamerbri said...

I love your writing and I have to say I have had had the same type of day. On one hand it can focus you and lead you to your next step in life. On the other it could send you off in so many directions you are lost. I am sure that with you it has refocus your ideas and path in life. Keep up the good work.