Friday, August 17, 2007


It's really, really, really fucking hot here. Like HOT. And you know what's the best thing to have happen when it's HOT outside? Have the AC break. And then have the maintainance man come by at 7 AM while you are standing there, awkwardly, in your robe trying to make sure your girly bits are covered. And he blushes and you both stammer and then you hide in the bathroom for a half hour.

My life KICKS ASS.

But I have to say, the boy is having a far better day than I. He had to fly to China this morning for work. He gets on his plane on time and then they sit there. For 4 hours. His company made him fly economy and the plane he was on apparenly understood 'economy' to mean 'non human cattle like creatures', so he doesn't have air vents. And the movies will be in Mandarian and shown on the screen wayyyyy in front of the plane. So, he wins. Because he is currently cramped into a too small, airless seat, and I am home in my newly conditioned apartment and I have wine here.

All in all, today is looking up.

If this heat wave continues however I am headed to Maine. This is because my idea of Maine is that it's winter there 11.75 months a year. With 1 day of summer, 1 day of spring, and .23 months of fall. And that to me sounds like heaven.


Lady Player said...

Hee hee, you said "girly bits."

plain jane said...

The Oregon coast is a lot closer than Maine and we have the very weather that you describe.

gamerbri said...

LOL you don't like our very very hot summers here in Calif? LOL sorry I am lucky I live about two blocks from the beach so it's not all that hot here. Loving it.