Monday, August 06, 2007

No Good Very Bad Day

It's one of those days. When I woke up this morning I knew it wouldn't be great, I was in a Mood. Capital M. I'm a joy and a pleasure to be around, 365, what can I say?

At work I was in a meeting where I felt like a total and complete asshat. So that was fun. Who doesn't like a little humiliation first thing on a Monday? Mmmm...tastes good. Then to add injury to insult, while walking to the office after lunch a cute little Yorkie dog hopped up to me and bit my toe. And then barked and chased me. (I was walking slowly, teeny dog legs however had to run to keep up). As the dog weighed approximately 14 ounces it didn't do any damage, except to my ego.

I just want to lay under the covers and hide. Cry it out. That's what I need, a really good cry. Most dudes don't understand that, but ladies, back me up. Sometimes, all you need is a really good cry. And a cookie the size of your head.

Hey, Monday? Fuck you.

1 comment:

plain jane said...

Cry on baby. Some days are like that. Tomorrow will be better.