Sunday, August 26, 2007

Who Burns Just Their Knee?

I do, that's who. This weekend was fantastic. Seriously fantastic. Except for the fact I accidentally ate glass. And burned my knee. But other than that it was awesome.

Friday night I was prepping to meet some friends at the Hollywood Bowl for a concert. As I am a responsible adult I decided to have ice cream for dinner. As I am also very, very classy I ate the ice cream directly out of the container. Suddently, ow, hey, ice cream's not supposed to hurt! That's when I realized my tongue was bleeding and I had a large chunk of glass in my mouth. I spit out the glass and sat there stunned. I looked into the ice cream carton and saw that it was sparkly, in the 'full of glass shards' kind of way. I then realized that my throat hurt and that I had, when I bite into the dime size piece of glass, chipped my tooth, nicked my tongue and in all probability swallowed some shards. I called the number on the ice cream carton but they were closed. I then ran around in small circles and screamed 'I just ate glass, holy fuck!' while on the phone with my mom. After she finished laughing she said I would probably be ok, but that if I started vomitting blood I should go to the hospital. My mom's a gem. My stomach hurt for the rest of the night, but when I didn't wake up dead or in a pool of blood, I decided I was out of the woods for any further glass mishaps.

Saturday my good friend and I headed to the central coast to go kayaking. I used to kayak fairly often, but this was oh 2 years ago. Since then not only have I not kayaked I have also stopped going to the gym because well, let's face it, I'm lazy and prefer reading. As such after an hour and a half on the water I couldn't feel my arms. Which is a fun sensation when you are about 500 feet from the dock and are floating over eel grass. The trip, besides the arm hurtedness, was fantastic. A sea otter popped up roughly 10 feet from my boat, it was the perfect weather and the scenary was breathtaking. And after we docked we found that there was a wine shop with a tasting set up directly next door to the kayak rental. Whoever thought this up should get a medal. After purchasing far too many bottles of wine I realized I had a sunburn. On just one knee. It's rather painful but I think it adds that missing touch of class to my overall look.

Today the boy returned from China. Rejoice! Not only is he back in one piece and just as adorable as I remember, but he brought me Olympic merchandise. As I have previously stated I am obsessed with the Olympics in an unhealthy way. I once, no joke, stayed up until 4AM to watch the end of a water polo match I believe between Croatia and Hungary. So, to own a few items from the future Olympic site made me incredibly happy. So boy + Olympically certified shirt = happy. It's a good equation.

So on an ending note, don't eat glass. It hurts.

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