Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Notes from a Weekend

As we have a guest in town we headed down to Sea World over the weekend. While there I discovered two very important things:

If your child can walk up to you, ask you in a full and coherent sentence for a 'quick snack' and has a full set of teeth, it may be time to wean your child off the boob.


There are two groups of people in this world, those that can wear jean mini skirts and those who can not. Know which group you are in and act accordingly. If you aren't sure what group you belong in then assume you are in the group that can't.


Oh and today my office was a crisp 14 degrees. It was so cold that I had to wear a sweater and a coat and my fingers literally cramped up. This was because our CEO was in town and doing a conference. I have a theory that he likes it that cold because he's part abominal snowman. A friend of mine told me she thinks it's because execs never sleep and the cold help keeps them fresh and awake. I think my theory holds more water. Tough call.

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