Sunday, October 07, 2007

Apple Picking

Yesterday I went apple picking. When I told people I was going their first response was 'What, in California?' My response was yes, apparently they do that here as well. And while it wasn't the same as upstate New York, it was awesome. Especially since the apple farm was in CA, they made it into Apple Picker's Disneyland.

See in NY, and I'm assuming most eastern states, you go to an orchard, you buy a basket, put apples in it and go home. Here? There were colonial costumes, roping contests, hay rides and just a general sense of production. Adding to this was the fact that it was insanely crowded with people hoping for a day of normalcy and country (yours truly included), but these assholes apparently didn't know orchards have dirt. My favorite was the chick in a full pants suit with a look of disgust as she clutched her apple basket and tried not to get her loafers dirty. My second favorite? The girl in 4 inch heels trying oh so hard to stay upright and not go ass over head down a hill. It brought joy to my black heart.

I was going to include pictures but Blogger hates my mac with a fiery burning passion, ergo, I will have to add them later when I can commandeer a PC. Rock. Feel free to wait with baited breath.

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Chuck said...

Life in CA must be like living on another planet. I can't imagine going to pick apples and thinking its a good idea to wear high heels.
What goes through their noggin?