Monday, October 22, 2007

My City is on Fire, Again...Again

Ah LA, this was fun the first time. But now that we are at the 5th fire, it's getting a bit old. So how about you quit bursting into flames and I'll bake you a cake? I think that's a pretty fair deal. So you consider that Los Angeles, I'll be over here, waiting patiently.

Seriously though I am lucky I am in an area that's fairly central and urban maeaning that I am about 20 miles away from the fire and the only landscaping around is the small patch of grass in front of my building. The fire would have to burn through all of Beverly Hills to reach me and BH would simply not stand for it. They'd stamp their Jimmy Choos and demand the fire turn right around because do you KNOW who they are? And the fire would listen. I wouldn't want to piss someone off who is 98% synthetic either.

On a pleasant note yesterday I got a Wii. I spent about 12 hours of my day playing electronic versions of games I would never go near in real life. Apparently I am an excellent golfer, a world class bowler and the worst boxer known to man. And, it's awesome. The Wii is my new life partner and I have pledged my undying love and gratitude for it's existence. On top of all this the Wii has taught me something: I really, really, really need to go to the gym. After 12 hours of fake sports my back and arms are sore like I actually did something. Today at work when I couldn't fully move my arm and people asked why, I simply said I had played tennis all weekend. I neglected to say that the tennis was on my television set and I was playing whilst in my pajamas.

Speaking of pajamas, it's 9:30 and as I am 129, it's time for bed.

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Dora said...

Isn't the wii wonderful?????
I'm 50 and my boys have a wii and its the most fun I have ever had (I'm not too good with the other style of controls) Love the bowling!!! They have finally come up with an electronic game for us old folks....yea!!!
Just be careful not to accidentally fling the control out of your hands onto sonething....or someone....hehehe!!