Monday, October 01, 2007

The Final 10 Things

Alright, let's finish this bastard of a list up:

91) I'm afraid of the dark. Seriously. When alone I have to at least fall asleep with the TV on because if it's totally dark I panic.
92) I've seen a ghost. I was 8 and falling asleep in bed. I looked in the hallway and there was an old woman I had never seen staring at me. She waved and I waved back, then the phone rang and she dissappeared. The phone was ringing to tell us that my great grandma had passed away about an hour before. When I was showed a picture of my great grandma it was the woman from the hallway.
93) I was raised by a very practical woman. This practical and structured upbringing fights with my flighty nature. Without this upbringing I would currently, more than likely, be in Thailand teaching yoga or on a ranch with 100 pets. It's a constant struggle to find a balance between the two. I haven't yet.
94) I'm a horrible loser. I get pissed, I pout and swear that the other person cheated. This is why the game Monopoly has been banned from my house.
95) I can curse, fluently, in Italian and French. The rest of those two languages are gone from memory.
96) I curse way too much, especially when nervous. I am trying to curb this but it's a really hard habit to break.
97) I am half Polish, half German with a teeny pinch of Irish. Ergo, I am pale.
98) My brother and I look alike. This is weird because neither of us look like our mother and we have different fathers.
99) I am a big chicken, which is has been well covered. But, I used to be a big Buffy fan (geek flag, it's a'wavin') and it scared the crap out of me. I also love to read older horror novels like Dracula and Frankenstein.
100) Small teeth creep me out. Crooked, discolored, etc I am fine with. But small? They give me the wiggins.

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voodoogemini said...

you owe us one more in your list, as number 94 is a repeat. and i do not think you cuss enough, based on the circumstances. more cursing!