Monday, October 29, 2007

Computer Go Boom

My computer has assploaded. We tried to install a certain new operating system named after a certain fast land mammal and now my computer is pretty much a fancy paperweight. The boy worked diligently on it all day yesterday but it still refuses to believe that I do in fact live in America, speak English and like the internet. The week is off to an awesome start.

I also know this will be a super great day because this morning I was woken up by my cat biting my nose. Hard. I have a little mark now and thus get to explain to coworkers what happened. I am just going to say I was in a bar fight. This explanation works for two reasons: it negates the whole crazy cat lady persona and it may prompt them to leave me alone. That would be lovely. For some reason Mondays in my office are painfully busy, so I would rather claim shiving a man with a beer bottle and incurring a small scratch than having to run around clutching 19 creative briefs as I just make it to my 1000th meeting. I think it's a totally plausible story. Perhaps today is not the day to wear J Crew and pigtails. Food for thought.


Melek said...

thanks for the warning....i was about to purchase/install the latest jungle cat software on my computer(s)... i think i'll wait till some patches come out.

and if people ask about the marks on your nose, tell them you ran into hanibel lecter and he tried to eat your face, but you fought the good battle and escaped. it's almost halloween, so it's totally plausable.

M said...

You might want to try this