Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Would Like Another Weekend, Please

This morning I was sitting on the couch and beginning my glorious day of doing nothing. One of the cats jumped up and we were cuddling when suddenly I noticed he had a bug on his head. Wait...two. Wait. MOTHERFUCKER HE HAS FLEAS. I immediately did the heebie jeebie dance and then began to deconstruct my entire apartment brick by brick.

I have washed everything not nailed down, steam cleaned the carpets and furniture (including the mattress), washed the cats (twice) and then sprayed. And yet? I feel like I could be doing more. Like tracking down the source of the fleas and punching them in the face repeatedly and then making them go to work for me tomorrow so I can finally relax. I honestly have no idea how they got fleas. They are indoor cats soley, I vaccuum obsessively as I am obsessed with my vaccuum and well, I have no third option. Basically, I am mind boggled, and totally 100% skeeved out.

So that was my day. And yesterday I bought a car. Whee. Because that experience is often totally fun, not at all time consumming and just a pleasure all around. We shopped from 9AM until 7PM. I finally returned to the first place we went and bought the first car I had seen. I'm a gem. And the proud owner of a car that doesn't get roughly 2 miles to a gallon like the old SUV.

Excuse me, I have to go get everything I own out of the dryer. Including my drapes.


voodoogemini said...

how the hell did that happen?! you should get a sunday mulligan.

Chuck said...

Since you live in an apartment, they could have come from another tenant.

Bathing is rarely enough to get rid of fleas. They will come back from the original source. Invest in some Advantage flea control for your kittens. That gets rid of them pretty good.

We had the same problem with 4 indoor cats and we ended up locking them in the bathroom so we could clean the entire house. We put some of the Advantage on the back of their heads before we started and when we went back in there were dead fleas all over the tile.

Good luck.


Online Dating Girl said...

Cool, thanks Chuck. We just put the Advantage on the cats and locked them in the bathroom. Fingers crossed as I really don't want to have to steam clean my apartment again.