Thursday, March 05, 2009

New York: It Snowed

There is nothing like two LA kids walking around NY in the snow. The conversations go like this:

Me: It's so pretty!
Him: It really is!
(long pause)
Me: It's fucking cold dude.
Him: I want to die.
Me: Hotel?
Him: Let's cab it, it's only 3 blocks but if we are outside 2 seconds longer than necessary I'll hurt someone.

We had this conversation every time we ventured outside. During the beginning of the first snow I waxed poetically about how pretty the snow was and how I thought I was ready to move back to NY. Then it started to become a blizzard and I hightailed it the hell out of dodge. I don't remember it being that cold when I lived there, but I guess I've blocked it out like a hostage blocks out captivity. Below are pictures of the snow. I realize that some of you readers out there live in places with weather, but, remember, I do not. It was like I took pictures of a unicorn. A very, very cold unicorn.


Becky said...

From one that LIVES with snow for 6 months out of the year, I'd rather look at a picture of puke.

Wow. I don't have any feelings about snow huh?

Deanna said...

Here here Becky! I am from the Midwest...but am ready to move south! Very nice pics!